Monday, February 2, 2015

Hometalk Famous (sort of)

So you all have heard of Hometalk right?  If not run there and check it out it is THE place to find so many DIY home ideas (I think of it like pinterest but all about the home!)  From the encouragement of a friend she had me start a profile and upload my image transfer video.

Well last week consider myself FLOORED when Hometalk asked little ole' me to curate a board all about image transfers, consider me honored, humbled and freaking excited!  So here you go guys, did you know there are like a million (ok not a million but a lot!) of different ways to do image transfers. No fancy printers, or supplies necessary for most and for some you can easily get what you needed printed at your local print shop if you don't have say a laser printer.

So have fun, and try a few new techniques and share if you do, I love seeing everyones projects!

(click on the image to get to the board) 

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